BPN Logistics Network for Freight Forwarders.

BPN’s cloud application Buytasker™ allows freight forwarders to access 10+ world leading logistics networks on one platform, further expanding their worldwide partner reach and also receiving work from the global Buytasker customer network.

Gain new business, customers and logistics partners.

10+ world leading logistics networks connected on one platform.

Freight Forwarders can broadcast Logistics RFQs to the global BPN member network or broadcast to their preferred partners.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

Atlas Logistic Network

Global Logistics Network

5 Star Logistics Network

ALFA Logistics Family Network

ABA Breakbulk & Project Cargo

Five Star Freight Systems

SPAN Freight Network

PFI Freight Network

Buytasker BPN

Network 360


Take the first step to gaining new business, customers and partners.

Start broadcasting Logistics RFQs to BPN's 10+ connected Networks. Become a Verified Member.

Become a BPN Verified Member to access Buytasker™ Network Cloud for incoming Logistics RFQs from 10+ world leading logistics networks and connected Buytasker customers.

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$890 USD Member Verification.

Every BPN Member uses Network Pay™ for Instant Fee Free Payments.

Instant Fee Free Payments Between Members


Hold up to 25 Popular Currencies Accounts for Instant International Payments in a fee free economy.

Networks, Members and Customers can all benefit from low cost instant International Payments, supporting over 25 Virtual Currency Accounts and pay to over 140 Currencies.

Network Pay™ has no fees to transact between Members and currencies.

A truly Fee Free Economy.

Logistics RFQ and Network Cloud


BPN is your Logistics Network that is connected to 10+ world leading logistics networks, offering a powerful Networking Platform and Digital Freight Forwarder technology your business needs today.

Buytasker™ encourages digital transformation across your business and network memberships, offering Digital Freight Forwarder capabilities for both you and your customers.

Logistics RFQ connects you and provides powerful Networking capability, Digital Quotes and Logistics Management. Receive RFQs from other Network Members plus new business from worldwide BPN customers connected to Buytasker™.

Buytasker Network Cloud presents incoming business opportunities and Networking with a built in Members Directory and Partner Organiser.

Private or Public RFQ Broadcast


Logistics RFQ Network Broadcast.

Decide how you would like to Broadcast your Logistics RFQs, you can broadcast to the entire BPN Directory or limit Broadcasting to private Network Partners.

BPN Welcomes New Network Member RSA Global

"Technology has been one of the three pillars of RSA's business strategy, aside from focusing on niche markets and being bottom line driven" - Abhishek Ajay Shah, Co Founder & Group CEO, RSA Global

BPN Welcomes C.T. Freight

C.T. Freight is an independent international freight forwarder based in Australia. The business was established in 1981 by Clive Thomas who is owner and CEO of the company.

Buytasker Network Cloud Release

We're proud to announce the long anticipated Network Cloud module from Buytasker is now live and in full swing, coupled with 10+ Logistics Network Partnerships the stage is set and the future is bright for our customers.

BPN Welcomes Corten Logistics

Whether you have a single carton or a Air Charter, Corten Logistics will find a solution for your business.

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