Buying Project Network is a technology focussed Council of Logistics Networks, Freight Forwarders and Supply Chain Companies.

Buytasker Network Cloud Release

We're proud to announce the long anticipated Network Cloud module from Buytasker is now live and in full swing, coupled with 17+ Logistics Network Partnerships the stage is set and the future is bright for our customers.

Together we can make a big difference.


Image: PFI Networks

BPN Technology Partner

What is BPN? A Buytasker LTD Initiative.

Buytasker LTD Established Buying Project Network in 2016 to connect and enable the Supply Chain more efficiently, providing a technology council to combat the increasing threat of unicorn monopolies through strength in numbers.

With a foreseeable need for Logistics Networks and Freight Forwarders to collaborate or perish we welcome you aboard BPN to join with us for the next phase of the technology era.

AGMs (Annual General Meetings) enhance and develop


Connecting Networks, Freight Forwarders and Supply Chain Companies.

Our primary focus is to deliver new technology to our members to stay up to date and relevant. However we also recognise the fundamental power of meet and greet networking events, to build friendships, trust and generally let our hair down for a few days.

Buying Project Network meetings are hosted by regions with all our Logistics Network Partners in attendance providing maximum exposure and networking reach to benefit our Members.

The BPN Council of Network Technology Partners.

BPN Network Technology Partners combine thousands of Freight Forwarders offering their own unique products and Member benefits.

Atlas Logistic Network

Global Logistics Network

5 Star Logistics Network

ALFA Logistics Family Network

ABA Breakbulk & Project Cargo

Five Star Freight Systems

SPAN Freight Network

PFI Freight Network

Buying Project Network

Network 360

Embrace the era of the Digital Forwarder.

We believe Digital Freight Forwarder software should be in the hands of every BPN Member, branded as their own and supported by a technology enabled Network.

Join Buying Project Network.